195 uPVC Sliding Door

195 uPVC Sliding Door’s Basic Parameters

Profile structure: 195mm, five-chamber structure;
Profile wall thickness: visible side 2.8mm; non-visible side 2.5mm;
Steel lining specifications: 2.0mm hot-dip galvanized steel village;
Hardware configuration: Special hardware for lifting sliding doors (brand optional)
Auxiliary system: stainless steel track equipped with damping buffer;
Sealing system: EPDM sponge foam + siliconized top sealing system;
Glass configuration:6+12Ar+6+12Ar+6

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Product Detail

195 uPVC Sliding Door’s Performance

195 uPVC Sliding Door’s Features

195 uPVC Sliding Door’s Features

Optimized profile structure, single fan with five chambers improves thermal insulation;
Independent hardware system, lifting and opening for easy operation, pressing and closing for high sealing;
High-quality auxiliary accessories, anti-pinch when opening and closing, and ultra-quiet sliding;
Patented opening method, full-circle locking and sealing, high load-bearing door leaf system, meeting the requirement of opening the door with a large field of vision.

GKBM Windows&Doors’ Service

1.Customer service system: Establish a unique "green service channel for major customers" to strengthen pre-sales, in sales, and after-sales services. Accept customer demands as soon as possible and solve problems with the highest efficiency; Prepare emergency response plans for unexpected events to maximize the protection of customer rights. Provide proactive service to customers, proactively follow up, provide suggestions, and optimize to ensure timely identification and resolution of hidden dangers.
2.Warehouse management system: Establish advanced three-dimensional operation warehouses, use advanced NCC intelligent management software for full process control, achieve transparent and digital management, and make project implementation faster and more efficient.

90 uPVC Passive Window (1)

3.Quality maintenance team: After the project installation is completed, all doors and windows will be inspected one by one, and any problems found will be summarized and documented in writing, and resolved within 24 hours. Classify all issues, determine maintenance and replacement time nodes, and arrange personnel to carry out maintenance and replacement according to the time nodes. After the maintenance team has completed the rectification of all issues, the company's quality department will inspect them and hand them over.

Thermal insulation performance K≤1.3 W/(㎡·k)
Water tightness level 5 (500≤△P<700Pa)
Air tightness level 7 (1.0≥q1>0.5)
Sound insulation performance Rw≥35dB
Wind pressure resistance level 7 (4.0≤P<4.5KPa)

Note: Performance indicators: related to glass configuration and sealing system.