60 uPVC Casement Door Profiles

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Product Detail

uPVC Profiles Product Specifications

GKBM 60 uPVC Casement Door Profiles’ Features

60 uPVC Casement Door Drawing

1.The depth of the glass barrier is 24mm, with a large overlap of glass, which is beneficial for insulation.
2.The glass partition has a width of 46mm and can be installed with various thicknesses of glass, such as 5, 20, 24, 32mm hollow glass, and 20mm door panel.
3.The high-strength steel lining chamber structure design effectively improves the wind pressure resistance strength of the entire window.
4.The design of the convex platform on the interior wall of the steel lining chamber creates point contact between the steel lining and the chamber, which is more conducive to the introduction of the steel lining. Additionally, several cavities are formed between the convex platform and the steel lining, alleviating heat conduction and convection, and making it more conducive to insulation and insulation.
5.Wall thickness is 2.8mm, the profile strength is high, and the auxiliary materials are universal, making it easy to select and assemble.
6.The 13 series standard European groove design provides better door and window strength, strong hardware versatility, and is easy to select and assemble.

uPVC Profiles Color Options

Co-extrusion colors

7024 gray
Agate grey
Brown chestnut color
Coffee 14
Coffee 24
Grey 09
Grey 16
Grey 26
Light Crystal Grey
Purple coffee

Full Body colors

General Grey 07
Whole body brown 2
Whole body brown
Whole body coffee
Whole body gray 12
Whole body gray

Laminated colors

African walnut
LG Gold Oak
LG Mengglika
LG Walnut
Licai Coffee
White walnut wood

Why Choose GKBM

Xi'an Gaoke Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GKBM) is a modern new building materials enterprise invested and established by Xi'an Gaoke Group Corporation, a large state-owned enterprise in China. It was established in 2001 and was formerly known as Xi'an Gaoke Plastic Industry. The company adopts the operating model of "headquarters & sales company & companies (bases)". The company is headquartered in the High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China. It has 6 subsidiaries (branch) companies, 8 industries, and 10 production bases. The company's total assets exceed 700 million dollars and it has more than 2,000 employees.

uPVC Profiles Factory - GKBM
uPVC Profiles Lines - GKBM
uPVC Profiles Raw Materials Test
Name  60 uPVC Casement Door Profiles
Raw Materials PVC,Titanium dioxide,CPE,Stabilizer, Lubricant
Formula Eco-friendly and lead-free
Brand GKBM
Origin China
Profiles Y60 II casement door frame, Y60A outward opening door sash, Y60A inward opening door sash, Y60S T-shape mullion/sash, Y60S Z-shape mullion/sash, Y60 movable mullion,
60 casement screen sash
Auxiliary profile Y60 Single glazing bead, Y60 Double glazing bead,
Y60 Triple glazing bead, 60 Louvre, Door panel,
European groove cover, Louvre blade
Application Casement doors
Size 60mm
Wall Thickness 2.8mm
Chamber 4
Length 5.8m,5.85m,5.9m,6m…
UV resistance High UV
Certificate ISO9001
Output 500000 tons/year
Extrusion line 200+
Package Plastic
Customized ODM/OEM
Samples Free samples
Payment T/T, L/C…
Delivery period 5-10 days/container