Low Voltage Withdrawable Complete Switchgear MNS

Low Voltage Withdrawable Complete Switchgear MNS’s Product Standard

The switchgear complies with GB7251 Low-voltage Switchgear and Controlgear, GB/T9661 Low-voltage Draw-out Switchgear and IEC60439-1 Low-voltage Switchgear and Controlgear.

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Product Detail

Low Voltage Withdrawable Complete Switchgear MNS’s Technical Parameters

Low Voltage Withdrawable Complete Switchgear MNS’s Application


MNS low-voltage draw-out complete switchgear is applicable to the power system with AC 50Hz - 60Hz, rated working voltage of 660V and below, as the control of power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and other aspects and power consumption equipment.

High and Low Voltage Distribution Equipment Branch

Xi'an Gaoke Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. High and Low Voltage Distribution Equipment Branch is a professional enterprise engaged in the design and manufacturing of high and low voltage complete equipment. As a supplier of high and low voltage distribution equipment, with good credit standing, strong production capacity of distribution boxes and cabinets, and extensive brand influence in the industry, we have become qualified suppliers for large domestic real estate companies such as Wanda Group, Vanke Real Estate, Zhuchuang Group, Poly Real Estate, Blue Light Real Estate, Greenland Group, CNOOC Real Estate, High Tech Group, Xi'an Economic Development Real Estate, Jinhui Real Estate, Tianlang Real Estate, etc, We have long provided cost-effective distribution box and cabinet products and achieved impressive performance.

Xi'an Gaoke Electrical’s Municipal engineering industry

We can undertake municipal engineering and mechanical and electrical equipment installation projects such as urban road engineering, underground transportation engineering, urban household waste treatment engineering, sewage treatment, etc., including equipment wiring, pipeline installation, and production and installation of non-standard steel components for general industrial, public, and civil construction projects.

Rated working voltage AC380V
Rated insulation voltage AC660V
Current level 4000A-1600A
Pollution level 3
Electrical clearance ≥ 8mm
Creepage distance ≥ 12.5mm
Breaking capacity of main switch 50KA
Enclosure protection grade IP40