GKBM Construction Pipe –Polybutylene Hot and Cold Water Pipe

GKBM polybutylene hot and cold water pipes, referred to as PB hot and cold water pipes, are a commonly used type of piping in modern construction, which has many unique product features and a variety of connection methods. Below we will describe the features of this piping material and the different connection methods.

Product Features

Compared with traditional metal pipes, GKBM PB hot and cold water pipes are lighter and easier to install, and at the same time have high tensile strength and are not easily damaged by external forces.


GKBM PB hot and cold water pipes due to the stability of the molecular structure of polybutylene, in the absence of ultraviolet radiation, the use of the net life of not less than 50 years, and non-toxic and harmless.

GKBM PB hot and cold water pipes have good frost resistance and heat resistance. In the case of -20 ℃, but also be able to maintain a good low-temperature impact resistance, after thawing, the pipe can be restored to its original state; in the case of 100 ℃, all aspects of performance is still maintained better.

Compared to galvanized pipes, PB pipes have smooth walls, do not scale and can increase water flow by up to 30%.

PB hot and cold water pipes are not bonded to concrete when buried. When damage occurs, it can be quickly repaired by replacing the pipe. However, it is best to use the casing method for plastic pipe burial, firstly, the PVC single-wall corrugated pipe is put on the outer sleeve of the PB pipe, and then buried, so as to guarantee the maintenance in the later stage. 

Connection Method

Thermal fusion connection is a commonly used connection method, by heating the end of the pipe and the connecting parts, so that they melt and form a solid connection. This connection method is simple and quick, and the connected pipe has a high pressure-bearing capacity.

Mechanical connection is another common connection method, by using special mechanical connectors, the end of the pipe and the connectors are firmly fixed together. This connection method does not require heating and is suitable for some special environments and requirements.

Overall, the excellent product features and connection methods of GKBM PB hot and cold water pipes can meet the high requirements for piping materials in modern construction. When selecting and using them, they need to be selected and applied reasonably according to the specific engineering requirements and environmental conditions to ensure the safe and stable operation of the piping system.

Post time: Jun-14-2024