GKBM in Response to the Belt and Road to Central Asia Investigation

In order to respond to the national ‘Belt and Road’ initiative and the call for ‘double cycle at home and abroad’, and to vigorously develop the import and export business, during the critical period of the breakthrough year of transformation and upgrading, innovation and development of GKBM, Zhang Muqiang, member of the Party Committee of Gaoke Group, Director and vice president, Sun Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of GKBM and relevant personnel of the Export Business Unit went to Central Asia for market investigation on 20 May.

This Central Asia market investigation trip lasted for ten days and visited three countries in Central Asia, namely Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. During the visit to the local building materials wholesale market to visit and study, to understand the mainstream products and brands of building materials market in different countries, to clarify the market and customer demand, and further to enter the Central Asian market to do market research. At the same time, we visited two Russian-speaking salesmen in the cooperation and negotiation with customers, face to face with customers to communicate with the current business situation, to show the sincerity of our co-operation, and to discuss the direction of co-operation in the later stage. In addition, in Uzbekistan, we focused on visiting the government of Samarkand and the representative office of China International Chamber of Commerce (CICC) Shaanxi Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) in Uzbekistan, and held talks with the head of the government's Ministry of Industry and the three local mayors to learn about the current situation of the local economic development and the later development plan. Afterwards, we visited China Town and China Trade City to learn about the operation of local Chinese enterprises.

As a local enterprise in Xi'an, GKBM will actively respond to the call of the state, research and develop products suitable for the local market demand for the five Central Asian countries, and take Tajikistan as a breakthrough to achieve the development goal of going out quickly!

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Post time: Jun-04-2024