Happy Chinese New Year

Spring Festival’s Introduction
The Spring Festival is one of the most solemn and distinctive traditional festivals in China. Generally refers to New Year’s Eve and the first day of the first lunar month, which is the first day of the year. It is also called the lunar year, commonly known as “Chinese New Year”. Starting from Laba or Xiaonian to the Lantern Festival, it is called Chinese New Year.
Spring Festival HistoryHappy Chinese New year
The Spring Festival has a long history. It originated from the primitive beliefs and nature worship of early humans. It evolved from the sacrifices at the beginning of the year in ancient times. It is a primitive religious ceremony. People will hold sacrifices at the beginning of the year to pray for a good harvest and prosperity in the coming year. People and animals thrive. This sacrificial activity gradually evolved into various celebrations over time, eventually forming today’s Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival, China’s Han and many ethnic minorities hold various activities to celebrate. These activities are mainly about worshiping ancestors and respecting the elderly, praying for thanksgiving and blessings, family reunion, cleaning up the old and bringing in the new, welcoming the new year and receiving good fortune, and praying for a good harvest. They have strong national characteristics. There are many folk customs during the Spring Festival, including drinking Laba porridge, worshiping the Kitchen God, sweeping dust, pasting Spring Festival couplets, pasting New Year pictures, pasting blessing characters upside down, staying up late on New Year’s Eve, eating dumplings, giving New Year’s money, paying New Year greetings, visiting temple fairs, etc.
Spring Festival cultural communication
Influenced by Chinese culture, some countries and regions in the world also have the custom of celebrating the New Year. From Africa and Egypt to South America and Brazil, from the Empire State Building in New York to the Sydney Opera House, the Chinese Lunar New Year has set off a “Chinese style” all over the world. The Spring Festival is rich in content and has important historical, artistic and cultural value. In 2006, Spring Festival folk customs were approved by the State Council and included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage lists. On December 22, 2023 local time, the 78th United Nations General Assembly designated the Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) as a United Nations holiday.
GKBM Blessing
On the occasion of the Spring Festival, GKBM would like to send the most sincere blessings to you and your family. Wish you good health, a happy family, and a prosperous career in the new year. Thank you for your continued support and trust in us, and we hope our cooperation will become more successful. If you have any needs during the holidays, please contact us as soon as possible. GKBM always serve you wholeheartedly!
Spring Festival Break:Feb 10th – Feb 17th

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