SPC Flooring compared with other Flooring

Compared with Solid Wood Flooring

GKBM new environment-friendly Flooring waterproof performance is good, the surface is not afraid of water, no need to wax, easy to clean, and has the advantages of impact resistance, wear resistance, high flame retardant, richer colours, etc. SPC Flooring articulation adopts a seamless splicing technology, which solves the problem of the articulation of the solid wood flooring after a long period of time after the use of the pain of the articulation of the stains and dirt.

 Compared with Porcelain Tile

GKBM new environmentally protection Flooring construction period is fast, and installation costs are low, applicable to a variety of places. SPC Flooring has good anti slip properties, especially in public places to use is not easy to fall and other safety accidents, the elderly and children more care. At the same time SPC Flooring has high elasticity, step on more comfortable, no porcelain tile cold feeling, more warm. Compared with the porcelain tile, SPC Flooring is not easy to break, later convenient maintenance.

 Compared with Carpet

GKBM new environment-friendly Flooring is cleaner and more hygienic in use, not only solving the problems of carpet being prone to mould, breeding bacteria, and not being easy to clean and produce odour, but also having the characteristics of antibacterial and anti dirt. At the same time, SPC Flooring is easier to take care of than carpet and has a longer service life.

 Compared with Laminate Flooring

The most significant feature of GKBM new environment-friendly Flooring is non-toxic and non-formaldehyde, which is truly safe and environmentally friendly, waterproof surface, and not easy to deform. And later maintenance is easy to take care of, not easy to deformation.

 Compared with PVC Flooring

GKBM new environment-friendly Flooring than the construction of rubber is simple, reducing the construction time. And SPC Flooring has good wear resistance, non-slip surface and long service life.

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Post time: Jun-07-2024