SPC Flooring Carpet Grain

SPC Flooring’s Introduction

Stone plastic composite flooring, SPC flooring, is a new type of high-quality ground decoration material. It adopts natural marble powder to form a solid base with high-density and high fiber mesh structure, and its surface is covered with super wear-resistant polymer ethylene wear-resistant layer, which is processed through hundreds of processes.
Polyvinyl chloride resin is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and renewable material.

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Product Detail

SPC Flooring’s Features

1. Green, environmental protection
2. Ultra-light, ultra-thin
3. Super wear resistance
4. High elasticity and super impact resistance
5. Super anti slip
6. Fire retardant
7. Waterproof and moisture-proof
8. Sound absorption and noise prevention
9. Antibacterial properties

10. Small joint and seamless welding
11. Cutting and splicing are simple and easy
12. Quick installation and construction
13. A wide variety of designs and colors
14. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance
15. Thermal insulation
16. Convenient maintenance
17. Environmental protection and renewable
18. International Fashion

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SPC Flooring’s Advantages

1.Waterproof and Dampproof
As the main component of SPC is stone powder, it performs well with water.Besides, mildew will not happen with high humidity.
2.Fire Retardant
According to the authorities, 95% of the victims were burned in the fire because of the toxic fumes and gases. The fire rating of SPC flooring is NFPA CLASS B. SPC flooring is flame retardant, it can leave the flame die out automatically in 5 seconds, and won't produce toxic of harmful gases.There is no risk of spontaneous combustion.
3.E0 Formaldehyde
SPC is made of high-quality stone power and PVC resin, there is no harmful materials such as benzene, formaldehyde, heavy metal.
4.No Heavy Metal, No Lead Salt
The stabilizer of SPC is calcium zinc, there is no lead salt or heavy metal.
5.Dimensionally Stable
Exposed to 80° heat, 6 hours---Shrinkage ≤ 0.1%; Curling ≤ 0.2mm
The shrinkage rate under 80°C for 6 hours is 0.1%.
The curling rate under 80°C for 6 hours is 0.2mm.
6.High Abrasion
SPC flooring has a transparent wear-resisting layer, whose revolution is up to 10000 turns.
7.Superfine Anti-slip
SPC flooring has special skid resistance and wear-resisting layer. Compared with common floor, SPC flooring has higher friction when it's wet.
8.Low requirement of subfloor
Compared to traditional LVT flooring, SPC flooring has a distinct advantage because it is rigid core, which can hide many imperfections of subfloor.